More Flowers

My first post was a set of flower paintings; my mother-in-law loved them, so I have been persuaded to paint another set just for her. Happy 80th Birthday Irmi! The method was the same; I chose 3 bright primary colours and painted them all using the same triad of colours – Quinacridone Gold, Quinacridone Magenta and Antwerp Blue. I did use a little Winsor Yellow in the lilies as well. Personally, I think the roses turned out best again. I love their translucence and nothing shows it better than watercolour. For me, getting the tones right is the single most important thing in a painting. You can take liberties with colours, but if the tones aren’t right – the balance of lights and darks – the painting won’t work.

It’s the single most common mistake with beginners; it’s easy to get so wrapped up in trying to match exactly the colours you see that the painting can end up with an overall flat mid tone. If you’re not sure, try taking a photocopy of your picture or a scan in greyscale. It should still look vibrant even in black and white.


14 thoughts on “More Flowers

  1. Hi, Will you consider making a tutorial DVD of your beautiful flowers? I just came across your site today and really appreciated your vision with many thanks from downunder.


    1. Hi Sally
      Glad you like the flowers. I hadn’t considered making a DVD, although I would if I thought there was a market for one. I need to do some research on production, promotion etc I guess. A few people have mentioned video though; I need to buy myself a video camera and post some movies on here, my new blog at and on YouTube. One day.
      I have started many paintings with the intention of photographing the process from beginning to end, but I’m afraid I get so carried away once I’m painting that I don’t stop for anything. Then I remember, when it’s too late…


    1. For me, tone is the single most important thing to get right. You can take all sorts of liberties with colour, composition etc, but if the tones don’t work then the painting will lack conviction. Good luck with your work Carol!


    1. Thank you Whitebuffalo – I do love the curve of a nice backside ;o) . Which reminds me – I really should do some figure work some time. It has been many years since I did any and it’s so satisfying painting sensuous curves instead of the hard straight lines of buildings.


      1. Why are buildings all straight hard lines? what’s with that? Is that a lack of imagination or lack of capacity for more creative building forms? Seriously, why is most of modern building constructions so ‘boring’?

        mmm considering how you painted those flowers, all of them, I suspect you could get O’keefe’s attention with sensous curves of any sort. Perhaps it’s time to play a little more often with ‘soft stuff’. lol


  2. I enjoy reading your generous tips and techniques. They’re all wonderful and roses are exquisite – lucky mother-in-law.

    Very much like the background to the lilies as well – especially as I’ve yet to learn how to properly paint a dark background to contrast with a paler image.


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