Sometimes things just don’t work out the way I want them to. Whether it was because I was not in the mood or maybe because I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted the painting to achieve, I don’t know. I worked it and re-worked it and finally gave up. Here’s the result – a failure which took hours to attain.

A Failure!
A Failure!

I put it aside and just doodled in paint the next day, and voilà! A spontaneous little sketch which took under an hour and looks (to my mind) far better than the first laboured attempt. That’s the way it is sometimes….

Red Lion, Weston
Red Lion, Weston


6 thoughts on “Failure!

  1. Woahhhh….as an art student at school struggling to improve my watercolour work, this helps a LOT. It’s interesting to see what you feel about both!


  2. Thanks Leslie. Just wanted to make the point that being an “artist” doesn’t mean that every time we put brush to paper a masterpiece emerges. Far from it. We make mistakes, we learn from them. It’s all just a part of the process.


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