Got there at last…

Here’s another one I finished recently – a friend’s house in the village, and very pretty it is too. I didn’t want it to look too twee and so I kept the colours muted. It took 5 attempts to achieve something I was content to hand over, but the owners were very happy I’m pleased to say.

Dan's Cottage - watercolour
Dan's Cottage - watercolour

2 thoughts on “Got there at last…

  1. The roof is (newly) thatched – looks gorgeous, but a constant battle with nesting birds and rodents. Not to mention the fire risk…!
    Trees are a problem with watercolour and much easier to paint in opaque media. Unless we are prepared to define each leaf by painting around it (which some people do!), we have to accept that a good deal of approximation is necessary.
    A few positive flicks and strokes seem to work better than fussing around trying to reproduce exactly what you see. A bit of spatter also helps sometimes, but it’s not good to overdo it.


  2. Wow. Love the perspective in this one. The roof is so interesting on this home. Are those shingles or some other kind of roofing? I like your brush strokes in the trees.I admired that on a couple of previous paintings of yours.


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