Paintings archive

Some of these paintings are still available, but most are now sold. For current work for sale please see Norton Way Gallery. Thank you.


14 thoughts on “Paintings archive

  1. Hi Keith, each piece looks great. The Cairo painting caught my eye as well. Don’t imagine its still available? If so, could you send over the details?



  2. I found this blog by chance a few minutes ago while searching for some inspiration to re-start drawing, and became fan of yor lovely flower watercolors, and also architectural details are great…As a beginner to watercolors, I want to thank you for providing me some trigger to start again ! Hugs!


  3. So subtle and yet so effective! It’s amazing what a little water and colour can bring out – thanks for sharing these. Particularly liked Pyramids of Giza and Luke in Weston Park. Are these for sale? could you please send details if they are! Thanks once again ~


  4. I am the lucky owner of the fallen tree painting. I came across this artist while visiting England from America. I could not be happier with it.It looks great from every angle and the atmosphere, even from far away, is fantastic.


  5. I like the variation in style – the light, almost dancing brushwork on the New England bridge and Gargonze – and the 2 detailed Weston Park paintings.

    It’s also really interesting to see your other work Keith – all of it a treat for the eye. I’d be hard pushed to find a favourite but if I had to choose it would be the Fallen Tree in Weston Park…and yet….the Bridge in New England…hmm! It’s great to see them all presented together like this so that I don’t have to trawl back through your posts.


    1. Thanks June. Glad you like the New England bridge; I painted it in preparation for a demo – a kind of dry run – just to see how quickly I could do it. It took 20minutes. If I could keep that pace up all day for a week, I would have 105 paintings! 5460 in a year! Need to go and lie down now – I’m exhausted.


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