Just one more…

One last London tourist scene – no more, I promise.

Trafalgar Square, London - watercolour
Trafalgar Square, London - watercolour

Currently working on a programme for some watercolour classes – they start on Friday and this is a new venture for me. I’m looking forward to it and am quietly terrified all at the same time. But it’s good to break out of the safety of the studio now and then; I like the idea of actually meeting real people for a change. 2 spaces left….!


6 thoughts on “Just one more…

  1. Thanks for another work.

    I like the sound of your teaching approach which sounds like coaching or mentoring people who come because they really want to learn. The flexible timetable also covers the non-linearity of creative growth.

    I hope you will be posting some of your illustration work here.


    1. Thanks Stephen. My approach to teaching is as laid back as my approach to everything else; the students set the agenda now and I just try to tell them what they want to know. It’s all very democratic. I start every session with a demo with more along the way to illustrate specific points. I talk much better with a brush.

      Some illustration work is on it’s way – watch this space!


  2. Hi June – glad you recognised it! As for the classes, yes, buzzed is the word. The fear has disappeared after the first session and I’m now confident in what I’m doing – I seem to know more than I had realised and the students are willing to learn. I’m now looking for a bigger venue.

    I have no teaching qualifications – just happy to pass on the stuff I have learned over the years. Hopefully it counts for more than a printed piece of paper and the students will vote with their feet anyway.

    Perversely, the illustration work is beginning to flow again and I have to put classes on hold for a while. But it’s probably a good thing; the students have much to think about (and work on) so a period of consolidation won’t go amiss!


  3. It’s great to see paintings of places I’m familiar with – they’re all lovely but I like the one above the best – probably only because it’s a view I saw the most whilst working there.

    You’re sounding buzzed from the classes with a hint of fear – but I’m sure you’ll have a huge following – that’s how it works for my classes.

    Do you need teaching qualifications or does your experience and ability speak for itself?


  4. Thank you yet again, Leslie. As you’re a teacher yourself, let me know if you have any tips! It’s going to be a mixed class, from raw beginners to experienced painters, so it’s difficult to know where to pitch it; I don’t want to overwhelm the beginners with too much too soon, and of course I don’t want the experienced guys to be bored. Maybe I should hang a curtain across the middle and dash from one side to the other…!


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