Illustration – the day job

I’ve just realized I haven’t posted anything since September 09, so happy New Year to you all! I have been asked to post some of my illustration work, so here’s a recent one. This is a golf club in Abu Dhabi; I did a series of loose conceptual watercolours back in April 09 and the Architect, Rick Shands of GHD, sent me the photo showing progress on site. They work fast over there! Some of the details have changed, but in essence it’s much the same as the original sketch. I hope you agree.

Yas Golf Club by Keith Hornblower - before and after
Yas Golf Club - the dream and the reality.


4 thoughts on “Illustration – the day job

  1. Yes, good to see you back again – at the very least he could have sent you out there to take a proper look!

    The trees have also grown rapidly. Great illustration, makes it look most welcoming, somewhere I’d want to visit – not the one in the photo.


    1. Thanks June. I get to see exotic locations all over the world – all from the comfort of my own studio. There have been few occasions when I got the opportunity to travel, however. Azerbaijan, for instance, was – erm – interesting.

      One of the best was a trip to France. Not very exotic, I grant you, but I was there to illustrate Chateau Latour for the World Atlas of Wine. I got a personal tour of the winery and stayed in another chateau with it’s own 2 Michelin star restaurant, all expenses paid. Suffice to say I made full use of the opportunity, as far as I can remember….

      Back to the golf club. The trees are grown in nurseries and planted full size. They don’t muck about over there waiting for stuff to grow!


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