More watercolours at last!

Oh dear – I’m really not a very good  blogger, am I? My last post was a very long time ago and I apologize for my absence. I have been busy with my architectural illustrations and for reasons of confidentiality I can’t post them here.

One commission, however, was rather special. I was asked to paint a Scottish castle, to be used on the packaging for a very special Scotch whiskey. I can say no more until the launch (probably around New Year), but I did have a couple of very productive days in the Inverness area of Scotland. I had forgotten what a beautiful country it is and I spent some time taking reference photos for future paintings when I wasn’t busy at the castle.

The result was the following 3 paintings (so far) which will shortly be on display at the Norton Way Gallery, Letchworth Garden City. I hope you like them. The oil rig was a challenging and currently contentious subject, but I was struck by the power of the scene and just had to paint it. The 2 waterfalls speak for themselves, I hope, and mark a new beginning for my work, returning to the traditions of English watercolour and attempting to convey the sheer drama of our countryside. Drama is not something usually associated with watercolour and I want to help restore it’s reputation as a powerful medium on a par with oil painting.

The “Falls of Rogie” was painted on a full sheet of Two Rivers paper, so it’s quite large! I had to use my studio easel to cope with the size, and because the surface was near vertical, there were lots of paint runs which I tried to exploit, rather than fighting against them.

Please tell me what you think.


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