The Lord Lister Hotel, Hitchin

I’m always pleased to receive a commission to paint something in my home town, and the Lord Lister Hotel is a familiar Hitchin landmark.

The Hotel was originally a Wool comber’s House built in the late 18th Century which later became a Quaker school known as the Isaac Brown Academy and many of our eminent 19th century scientists were educated there, the most famous of whom was Joseph Lister who pioneered sterile operations and became known as the ‘father of antiseptics’.

As a subject for a painting, it’s not an easy choice as the façade is a long flat elevation with little of any great interest to break it up. I decided to view it from a fairly acute angle to compress it and to bring in the surrounding buildings to the picture; it’s always good to have some context.

My painting now hangs in the hotel reception area.


Lord Lister Hotel
Lord Lister Hotel, Hitchin



2 thoughts on “The Lord Lister Hotel, Hitchin

  1. je viens de passer un excellent moment avec vous et vos aquarelles. Certaines faites en moins de 2 h. , dites-vous !! vraiment, j’ai cherché à les deviner … mais non, vous faites un travail rapide …. j’admire : je sais que l’aquarelle ne se retouche pas , alors, bravo


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