Flowers again!

Experimenting with painting surfaces again, this time priming the paper with acrylic gesso. Upside – easy to lift paint, downside – bloody difficult to get it to stick in the first place! Thin washes almost impossible; most of the paint was plastered on at tube consistency and the moved around and thinned on the surface. Tricky, but I hope worth the effort.


3 thoughts on “Flowers again!

  1. Definitely worth the effort; it’s a beautiful painting. Interesting surface that you’ve used. πŸ™‚ I’ve used watercolour on canvas – mixing it with a gel medium…after a few layers of colour there was a translucent quality I quite liked. It’s good fun experimenting with different surfaces and media. Presently, I’m really enjoying doing paintings and drawings in an art app, called “Art Set Pro” ( and there are a few others I really like). It has quite amazing natural looking media…I use my finger on the screen…may sound a bit different..but I have found the experience and the results very rewarding…Really enjoyed looking around your blog; such lovely skilled work. Looking forward to your future posts. πŸ™‚


      1. Hi Keith, I did try Procreate (though not the no. 2 version) and other similar ones…with layer systems (which I don’t like to use) and rather complex user panels..I just didn’t enjoy using them. Their media looked too synthetic to me. Though I have seen lovely artworks by other artists who use them. I suppose with practice, I’d do better with them…but they really don’t suit me.
        I eventually found art apps with simple, user friendly panels…and most importantly natural looking media. I’m pleased that on the screen and in prints, the drawings and paintings I do, using the media in these art apps – in particular, “Art Set Pro” the one I mostly use…look very natural; much like they originate from media I have used for years, such as: oil pastel, charcoal, paint, graphite pencil…
        “Art Set Pro” with it’s colourful sets of paint tubes, oil pastels and so on..(realistic smudge tools), which slide out on a tray – has a layout, which is also quite a delight to use in a visual sense.
        Once again, love your work…(I also love using watercolours…) and look forward to your future posts. All the best, Janette. πŸ™‚

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