Venice – Demo No.3

This one for Ickenham Art Society. 14″x21″ Saunders Waterford Rough 140lb.

Venice demo 3
Venice – Demonstration No.3

7 thoughts on “Venice – Demo No.3

  1. Urban sketching not my thing; I did it once – with Simone in Manchester – and got very cold and frustrated, trying to juggle sketch book, water, brushes and pens whilst leaning against a cold lamp-post. It’s an art in itself!


  2. Hello Keith,
    I do admire your work. I am an English artist working in Vietnam and am running a short course on Urban Landscapes at the moment. I hope you won’t mind if we use some examples of your work for next week’s lesson which is about people in the street. In particular the students will be asked ot analyse and reproduce this painting – although only at A4. And, if you agree, we will feature you as an ‘artist of the week’ on my Facebook page as a ‘thank you’
    kind regards
    Bridget March


      1. Thank you Keith. If you ‘like’ my professional Facebook page, You will see my little thank you in a couple of weeks. My ‘Artist of the Week’ is published on Mondays.

        kind regards

        Bridget March


      2. Ha ha! So you have. Will you be going to Urban Sketchers Symposium in Manchester in July? I see from your Facebook that you and Simone Ridyard are connected – as am I. I will be in Yorkshire for the summer and will definitely extend my visit to do Urban Sketchers. I might even offer up a workshop or lecture although I think the competition will be stiff!!


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