Another demo

This is a watercolour demonstration for Maulden Art Society – an imposing view of Husbourne Crawley. I used to pass it regularly on my way to the M1 motorway and the sight would always catch my eye. It was painted very quickly and simply using a limited palette; in fact, I finished half an hour early leaving more time for discussion.

I have received some very nice feedback from Jenny of the Art society:

“A big thank you from all at Maulden Art Group.

We were once again treated to an excellent masterclass demonstration of your very personal approach to using water colour. We all so admired what we perceive as pure bravery ( although it is clearly natural talent), when the darks and shadows are applied and all with the largest of brushes! It is what many of us aspire to but never quite relax enough to achieve the looseness we all so admire .

Thank you so much for sharing so much of your knowledge and experience with us once again and I’m sure the group will be suggesting a further visit from you in the future.”

Thank you Jenny!



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