Mall Galleries

Great news today – my painting “Kitchen Door” was accepted into the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 2016 exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London. It’s the first time I have entered, so feeling particularly chuffed! The exhibition commences 6th April 2016 and runs until 16th April.

The painting is a slightly unusual choice; I used very thick paint, laying it on, lifting it off and scratching through it to achieve the desired effect. Hope you like it.

Kitchen_Door_Hornblower_watercolour_flowers in vase


6 thoughts on “Mall Galleries

  1. Many congratulations! I usually try to make it to the Mall Galleries for this exhibition so I look forward to seeing this up close. (I haven’t plucked up the courage to enter yet but maybe one day!)


      1. Hi Keith – just to say that the photo in your blog doesn’t do your painting justice! I visited the Mall galleries at the weekend and kept a keen eye out for this painting! It’s great and can see a good number of reasons why it was selected but in particular it stood out from the other exhibits for the manner in which you used/applied the paint – really exceptional. There was a lot to admire elsewhere too so I’m really glad I visited – learnt a lot, got a lot of inspiration and motivation from it too. Resolved to enter next year!!


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