A Demo for Stevenage Art Club

I took a fairly simple street scene and decided from the outset that my focus would be on the two central figures. If you look at the painting, the sharpest contrasts, darkest darks, lightest lights (white paper) and hardest edges are all in this area; that’s what attracts the eye.

I treated everything else as a backdrop to the main characters, simplifying detail or omitting it completely. Did it work? Let me know what you think!

Cromwell Stevenage Hornblower watercolour demo


3 thoughts on “A Demo for Stevenage Art Club

  1. I think it’s great Keith – I particularly like the simplification of all the background elements without losing any sense of what’s represented, and the energy with which it’s been painted – I imagine this could easily have become overworked. It’s the kind of subject that I’d automatically shy away from (people, buildings and cars!) which makes it all the more impressive to see it carried off with such aplomb

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    1. Thank you John. The energy/urgency is necessary, especially painting in front of an audience and with only a limited time to do it. I know that some demonstrators draw it all out beforehand, but I like to show this process too – eye-level, perspective with vanishing points etc.
      Buildings are there for people, so they can look odd without a few figures about the place. And where you have people, you usually have cars… I just treat them as a part of the landscape, stating them as simply as possible.

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      1. Thanks Keith – I’ll try to bear this very wise and straightforward advice in mind next time I’m feeling confident enough to take on buildings / cars / people!

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