Off to see my favourite city tomorrow, the city of light, although judging by the weather forecast it’s looking like the city of rain…. It really doesn’t matter; Venice is beautiful rain or shine and I shall be sketching furiously whatever the weather.

Look out my next picture posts – you know what the theme is going to be… Venice paintings always sell, although that is not my motivation for painting them – it’s more a compulsion. But I do have 2 orders already!

See you soon.


Flowers again!

Experimenting with painting surfaces again, this time priming the paper with acrylic gesso. Upside – easy to lift paint, downside – bloody difficult to get it to stick in the first place! Thin washes almost impossible; most of the paint was plastered on at tube consistency and the moved around and thinned on the surface. Tricky, but I hope worth the effort.