The Watermill at Posara

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I shall be running a watercolour course in the Summer of 2016 at the fabulous Watermill in Posara, Tuscany.

An opportunity to paint out in the Tuscan countryside, towns and in the truly wonderful surroundings of the Watermill itself, accompanied by good food, good wine and the very best of tuition.

Book before the end of December for an early-bird discount!

For details see  watermill web site and I hope to see you there.

1996 paiont brochure - Mark 2



Off to see my favourite city tomorrow, the city of light, although judging by the weather forecast it’s looking like the city of rain…. It really doesn’t matter; Venice is beautiful rain or shine and I shall be sketching furiously whatever the weather.

Look out my next picture posts – you know what the theme is going to be… Venice paintings always sell, although that is not my motivation for painting them – it’s more a compulsion. But I do have 2 orders already!

See you soon.


Flowers again!

Experimenting with painting surfaces again, this time priming the paper with acrylic gesso. Upside – easy to lift paint, downside – bloody difficult to get it to stick in the first place! Thin washes almost impossible; most of the paint was plastered on at tube consistency and the moved around and thinned on the surface. Tricky, but I hope worth the effort.