Off to see my favourite city tomorrow, the city of light, although judging by the weather forecast it’s looking like the city of rain…. It really doesn’t matter; Venice is beautiful rain or shine and I shall be sketching furiously whatever the weather.

Look out my next picture posts – you know what the theme is going to be… Venice paintings always sell, although that is not my motivation for painting them – it’s more a compulsion. But I do have 2 orders already!

See you soon.


Flowers again!

Experimenting with painting surfaces again, this time priming the paper with acrylic gesso. Upside – easy to lift paint, downside – bloody difficult to get it to stick in the first place! Thin washes almost impossible; most of the paint was plastered on at tube consistency and the moved around and thinned on the surface. Tricky, but I hope worth the effort.

Flower Painting

It’s not something I do very often, but I was asked to paint flowers for my last demo at Rickmansworth Art Club.

I used Jacksons/Two Rivers rough paper which, as an experiment, I prepared with a spray of acrylic varnish to make lifting paint easier. It worked, but at the cost of being unable to paint in layers.

Quite happy with the result; it came together really quickly and was almost finished within the first hour.

I used a very limited palette of Alizarin Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine and a little Cobalt Blue.


I’m back!

I see from the stats that a lot of people are still landing here, so I have decided to revive the blog. Lots of catching up to do, so I’ll start with some of my more recent works. Most of them are demonstration pieces, so painted in under 2 hours and not highly finished, but hopefully I’ve managed to capture the essence of the subject.

Feedback most welcome and thanks for coming by.

Behind_the_Facade_Hornblower_watercolour  Venice-Pink_Bicycle_Hornblower_watercolour KeithHornblower_Venice-HouseOfCasanova28x38cm KeithHornblower_Venice-GrandCanalFromTheRialto28x38cm Garzapapel5_Hornblower_watercolour Garzapapel3_Hornblower_watercolour Garzapapel2_Hornblower_watercolour Carol_roses_Hornblower_watercolour

Willow2_Hornblower_watercolour Peterborough_Hornblower_watercolour_demo Barking_Rainy_Day_Hornblower_watercolour AniseWatercolourClass_Hornblower_watercolour Trafalgar_Square_2-Hornblower_watercolour Southend_demo_Hornblower-watercolour_2015-03-28_21x14 Roses_Hornblower-watercolour-demo-21x14ins Old_Warden_demo_Hornblower-watercolour Docklands-aerial_Hornblower_watercolour_demo_2015-02_21x14 Stevenage_Hornblower_watercolour

Current Exhibition

Here’s a poster for an exhibition at Norton Way Gallery (it appears as an ad in the Herts Life magazine). If you’re in the area, drop in! It’s a small gallery but there’s some lovely stuff on show.

Collette, the gallery owner, has been kind enough to feature my work this month including the Venice paintings I didn’t get around to posting here.

Norton Way Gallery